nokun's projects

Some of my recent activity. Only current and relevant entries are listed here,,


HackerBoards (2014-2018 as, 2021-present)

The largest online database for Linux single-board computers and industrial modules.

Metrics. Peak userbase: avg. 40.000 hits / month in 2017 (Google Analytics). Current domain authority: 45.
Management. Owned and managed by DeviceGuru Network (Palo Alto, CA) between 2018 and 2022. Re-acquired and rewritten from scratch with M. Braam in 2022 for more stability and features.
Ethics. GDPR-compliant. Zero cookies since 2022. Open data format since 2023.
According to, "a library of single-board computers".
According to GigaZine (Japan), "a convenient service that [...] you can enjoy even just watching it".
According to, it "makes a fine-grained selection of detailed features significantly easier".
According to someone on Mastodon, "peak efficient web design".

TuxPhones (2019-present)

Demistifying Linux on mobile devices through resources, news, and tutorials for all levels of expertise.

Sub-Projects. Does My Phone Run Linux?, postmarketOS New Devices Bot, mutter-caster
Metrics. Around 1Mln hits from 2019 to 2021, according to EthicalAds. Current domain authority: 41.
Ethics. Zero cookies and zero trackers since its birth. Donating ad income to support FOSS projects since 2022.
Press. According to HMD (a German springer journal), a "very good and clear source of information".

ORDA (2024-present)

Pre-release. A privacy-respecting to see what is happening in your surroundings and reconnect to the real world

MirrorHall (2023-present)

Pre-release. An ultrafast screen sharing app for Linux systems, allowing peer-to-peer sharing of monitors between devices.

(basically a homegrown Apple Sidecar)


Linux apps (Gestures, Workflow)

The largest online database for Linux single-board computers and industrial modules.

Metrics. Between 50k and 100k downloads in total, est. Flathub and GitLab
Ethics. Zero cookies and zero ads since 2022.
Press. OMGUbuntu, YouTube (180k views), Hacker News (149 pts) According to someone on Mastodon, "peak web design".

Misc apps

Mostly Java and PHP, made through freelancer projects in high school. (controller etc)

Misc electronics

I built homemade electronics up to around 2018, mostly audio and Hi-Fi stuff, plus an ultra-low-power smartwatch prototype.